Hi, We are going to assist you step by step on how to effectively apply for your job vacancies.

Please make sure you have required documents with you for any posts you may apply for.

Follow guidelines and read requirements carefully.

Offline Application

This method is used to apply for a vacancy advertised with physical address to drop your CV and application Documents. You may be required to fill a form and/or submit supporting documents with your application.

Online Application

This method requires you to scan your documents into acceptable digital files (docx/pdf). You will be given an email/registration link to submit your application directly to the organization you are applying for.

Please note: For Government Vacancies you are required to Download, fill and scan a Z83 Application Form.

Application Steps:

1. Scan your documents

You will need to scan your documents and have them ready to start with your application process.

2. Search vacancy

Use the search below to search your vacancy post.

3. Register and Submit Application

You will be provided with a link in from a vacancy you have searched for to continue with the application process.

Good Luck!

Private Sector Vacancies

Government Vacancies