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The Credit Analyst will be responsible for assessing and making decisions on credit applications within prescribed Credit policies, procedures, and risk parameters. Please refer to the minimum requirements, duties, and responsibilities below for further information.


  • B Degree in Business or Mathematics or Statistics or Operational Research or Industrial Engineering or Risk Management or similar
  • 3 years’ experience is required, in data analysis utilizing a standard statistical package such as SAS
  • 1-year experience in SAS Advanced programming for statistical analysis and manipulation of very large data sets
  • Advanced computer literacy especially the Microsoft Office suite of programs (MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint) (1+ years)


  • Develop data-driven strategies within the Retail Customer Value Management (CVM) team. This includes the following actions:
  • Liaise with the relevant stakeholders in order to identify and select an appropriate data sample (for example, the target market) for strategy design.
  • Source data on, for example, overall performance and point in time status on customer’s accounts/credit history, from various data sources within the ABSA domain as well as external organizations (i.e. Credit Bureaux) using Statistical Analysis Software (SAS) as well as database query tools.
  • Consolidate the data in a logical manner such that it is analytical ready for SAS.
  • Identify any data anomalies/trends and investigate possible causes for these. If necessary, suggest possible remedies for these anomalies to the portfolio’s Management Team.
  • Develop several alternative profitability strategies based on an analysis of the data and risk criteria available.
  • Produce a detailed report on the CVM and portfolio Management Team on the strategy design which needs to include the following:
  • Indicate the data sample used, possible data exclusions and the reasons for the exclusions
  • Document the strategy design methodology in such a manner that it is transparent and understandable to technical as well as a non-technical audience.
  • Document possible alternative strategies and their impact on the business (i.e. champion/challenger).
  • Obtain buy-in from all stakeholders (e.g. CVM and portfolio Management Teams) by communicating the strategy verbally to both technical and non-technical audiences.
  • Present the strategy within the CVM monthly meeting to ABSA Internal and Barclays stakeholders
  • Liaise with the CVM capability team to ensure that the strategy is correctly implemented and that the timelines are within acceptable standards.
  • Execute unit testing (if required) to ensure that the proposed strategy is correctly implemented in the credit scoring systems
  • Continually benchmark current strategies against mandated risk criteria as well as an industry standard and best practice benchmarks
  • Secure approval from relevant governance structures. This includes sign-off control processes



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R 20 000

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